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▼February Box▼

~February Fantasy~

"We know the theme didn't make sense.. We blame John"

Tanuki Girl Series [Maker: KITAN CLUB  / Variety: 6]

  • - The tanuki raccoon has gone to the next level. Not only seducing us with cuteness, they have taken the step to become SEXY! KITAN CLUB has been know to make some crazy figures but this has taken it a bit too far.

Disney Tsum-Tsum Series [Maker: SAKAI TRADING  / Variety: 16]

  • - Originally from a mobile game, "Disney Tsum-Tsum", the characters have not only mesmerised the gamers but kawaii lovers as well!

Melting Snowman Series [Maker: EPOCH  / Variety: 6]

  • - Epoch, known as the creator of sylvanian-families are also creating cute/kawaii gapchapon figures. It was a surprise to see such a depressing item on the market...

Pet Chameleon Series [Maker: KITAN CLUB  / Variety: 7]

  • - The "Pet frog Series" has been a long hit within the gachapon community. This time they came back with a chameleon! All limbs and tongue moves! So Kawaii:P

Osomatsu-san Series [Maker: KITAN CLUB  / Variety: 6]

  • - Do you know "Cup-no-Fuchiko"? If you do don't be surprised! The "On the edge of the cup" series is licensed by the KITAN CLUB. The famous anime Osomatsu-san has taken part in the "edge of the cup" legacy. Don't just keep them lying around! Use them to mark your cup!

Yu-Gi-Oh! Series [Maker: TAKARA TOMY A.R.T.S  / Variety: 7]

  • - The Yu-Gi-Oh series has been a huge part of childhood memory for people in their mid 20's to mid 30's. Originally a Trading Card Game, it popularised itself through the Anime! The item that you see in the box is a "Millennium Item". Seven treasures that keep the ancient magic of the Shadow Games locked up forever.

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