Experience Japan's culture through "TOKYO GACHA WORLD"

 Tokyo Gacha World aims to present the beauty of Japan's culture from its finest capsule toy figures, known to many as the “Gachapon”. Through the detailed mini figures, we aim to present to the world Japan's culture, characteristics and craftsmanship. 


   We at "Tokyo Gacha World" are ready to excite you with our monthly subscription service and an one-time shopping store!! By joining the subscription service, you will receive a box with 6 Japanese Gashapon Capsule toys themed by the month!! The content of the box is carefully selected by our all-mighty Gachapon loving staff. We select our item by putting Theme, Uniqueness, Quality, and Popularity into consideration.    At our online store, you will find your favorite character and unique gachapons that you would not find elsewhere!
**Items will be included randomly from the series selected from the month** 

Need more reasons to sign up?

Gachapons are updated monthly, hence its a great way to get a real-time feel of what's popular in Japan. By decorating your favourite figures, you can re-live the moment you fell in love with it.

Keep your favourite item with you at all time and remind yourself how much you love this!

Here are some reasons people subscribe:

- I want to get new mini figures for figure photography!

- I love Japanese culture! (especially anime/manga/games)

- I just love collecting miniature items!

- I want to give my friend/love an unique gift from Japan!

- I want to know whats popular in JAPAN! I love Japan!!

- I want to have something different from everybody else.

Please contact us if you have any requests. We're always open to hear your opinion.

People talking about Tokyo Gacha World.

Me... my people.. subscribe to research Earth... We enjoy the unique series... we decorate spaceship with gachapon figures... very like... wow...

John: Mushroom Alien

I've subscribed to enrich my figure photography hobbies. Getting all kind of gachapons helps me think creative. 

Papa Hiroshi: Breakdancer

I love it when TGW gives me all the Kawaii stuff!! I laugh at all the crazy random stuff too! I love it all!! 

Miku: Vocaloid